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Multiple Intelligences Lesson Plans

Lesson plans focusing on using multiple intelligences in ESL / EFL class. This lessons use music, art, kinetic and other types of intelligences to help learners in a wide variety of manners.

Memes in English Language Learning
I think that many of our learning techniques are memes. They are ideas that have been passed down from one teacher to another, to students, etc. They are ideas about how you should learn a language. Unfortunately, what makes a good meme does not always make a good language learning technique.

Grammar Chants
Grammar chants can be a lot of fun to use in classes. They are especially effective to help students learn problematic forms, words, etc. through repetition the right side of the brain engages its 'musical' intelligence.

Lesson: Lego Blocks
Groups decide upon a design, give it a description (a name), and then write down step-by-step instructions for how another group could construct the same design from the six pieces. This activity promotes an enormous amount of discussion within the groups during the instruction-writing phase.

English Learner Types - Quiz Lesson
Personality Quiz - What Type of English Learner Are You? Find Out Why You Want to Learn English In Order to Establish Your English Learning Goals.

Choosing Props for the ESL/EFL classroom
The use of various "props" in the classroom can really liven things up and help students improve their long term learning.

BRAIN friendly English Learning
Take a look at this exciting approach to learning/teaching English which focuses on using all areas of the brain while enjoying learning.

Multiple Intelligences in the ESL Classroom
An overview of multiple intelligences and their use in the ESL and EFL classroom. Each overview provides example lessons focusing on the intelligence type.

Brain Gym Exercises
A quick guide to basic Brain Gym exercises which help improve concentration for any classroom activity, as well as ESL EFL leaning situations

ESL in Second Life - Learning English in Second Life
An overview of ESL efforts in Second Life with a few suggestions of possible activities to use in Second Life with classes.

Multiple Intelligence Activities
Multiple intelligence activities can be used in the English language learning classroom to help each student use their own strengths to improve their English communication skills. This guide to multiple intelligence activities provides a guide to typical activities to include in your lesson plans.

Multiple Intelligence to Teach English
Many teachers understand that using multiple intelligence theory to teach English can help ensure success. However, it is sometimes difficult to know what type of activities could be used. This guide to using multiple intelligence theory in the classroom looks at one teaching point and suggests an activity for each intelligence type.

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