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Podcasts for English Learning and Teaching

This guide to podcasts provides English learners and teachers information to the growing variety of English learning podcasts available for download through iTunes or other popular sites.

ELT Podcast
ELT Podcast provides basic conversations for EFL and ESL students and classes. ELT Podcast presents a common conversation theme in each episode. The first presentation is at a normal speed, and then at a slower - less natural speed to help with comprehension. The site also provides a transcript of the conversation.

Fun English Lessons
Fun English Lessons provides a fun talk show style podcast, which includes a transcript of the main dialog and vocab. There are more than 100+ podcast lessons on a wide range of engaging topics. Well worth a visit!

The motto of BeeOasis.com is "Big Things in Basic English". The site provides listening comprehension and reading comprehension articles on a wide range of topics and for a wide range of levels.

ESL Business News
ESL Business News provides a weekly podcast of international business news every week in slow, clear English. Great listening materials around which you can build a lesson plan.

One of the more mature - if you can say that anything is mature at this point - podcasts dedicated to ESL learning. The podcasts include advanced vocabulary and subjects which will prove especially useful for English for Academic Purposes classes. Pronunciation is very slow and clear, if rather unnatural.

Also a commercial site for teachers and students preparing for Cambridge First Certificate in English (FCE), Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). Advanced level English podcasting with a decidedly British accent - both in terms of pronunciation and themes about British life.

Free weekly podcast for learners of English that deals with football (soccer). Every week there are transcripts, worksheets, vocabulary lists and much more all connected to the podcast. There are two podcasts with the main one for intermediate-advanced learners and the learners' podcast for lower-intermediate students.

The Word Nerds
This podcast is very professional, delivers excellent information about relevant topics and is a lot of fun. Created for native speakers of English who enjoy learning about the ins-and-outs of the language, The Word Nerds podcast is also excellent for advanced level English learners - especially those who are interested in idiomatic English.

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