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Cleaning Staff


Choose the correct answer or phrase to fill in the blank. Each question has only one correct answer.

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What does Ms Anderson request for when she returns?

  • Dinner
  • Fresh towels
  • A new room

What does Maria offer to do?

  • Change the bed sheets
  • Call room service
  • Clean the bathroom

What does Ms Anderson request as well?

  • Ironing
  • Room service
  • Turning down the covers

What does Maria offer to do?

  • Clean up the mess in the kitchen
  • Provide directions to the vineyard
  • Take laundry to be cleaned

What does Ms Anderson complain about?

  • The cleaning in general
  • The fact that the room gets stuffy
  • The heat

What does Maria say she will do before Ms Anderson returns?

  • Bring dinner from room service
  • Close the window after she airs out the room
  • Iron her clothes

What does Ms Anderson have trouble doing when she returns at night?

  • Finding her clothes
  • Finding the towels
  • Finding the light switch

What happens every day?

  • They vacuum the rooms
  • They change the lights
  • They change the sheets

Where is Ms Anderson going today?

  • To a meeting
  • To visit friends and go to a vineyard
  • To visit her colleagues from work

What is Ms Anderson's final request?

  • To take out the laundry
  • To take out the trolley with this morning's breakfast
  • To take out the trash

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