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Conditional Grammar Quiz - Conditional 0, 1, 2, and 3


This quiz is for in-class use and does not have the answers provided. Take the interactive version of the Conditional Forms Quiz for correct answers and results.

Conditional Grammar Quiz - Conditional 0, 1, 2, and 3 Mixed

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Choose the phrase which best completes the conditional statement.

1. If he comes,

  • we will go to lunch.
  • we would go to lunch.
  • we went to lunch.

2. I would buy a new house

  • if I have a lot of money.
  • if I win the lottery.
  • if I inherited a million dollars.

3. If she misses the bus,

  • I take her to school by car.
  • I would take her to school by car.
  • she have to walk.

4. If I had known you were in town,

  • I would buy you some flowers!
  • I would have bought you some flowers.
  • I will buy you some flowers.

5. If he studies a lot,

  • he might pass the exam.
  • he would pass the exam.
  • he is going to pass the exam.

6. I would get a new job

  • if I was you.
  • if I am you.
  • if I were you.

7. He will surely fail his exams

  • if he not work harder.
  • unless he begins to study.
  • if he weren't serious.

8. She would live in New York now

  • if she stays.
  • if she had stayed.
  • if she was to stay.

9. They would have bought that new car

  • if they had had the money.
  • if they had the money.
  • if they were having the money.

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