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English learning software including TOEFL practice, reading and listening comprehension, pronunciation improvement, grammar for all levels. Also included are reviews to some of the principle products offered, as well as software which allows teachers to design their own activities.

Dictionary Review - Babylon - translation @ a click
Review of Babylon Translation @ a Click Dictionary by the guide to English as a 2nd Language at about.com. This review focuses on the strength of Babylon for ESL learners.

EnglishNow! for Spanish Speakers
Review of EnglishNow! para hablantes de español. This program focuses on providing grammar in context. All explanations in Spanish.

Inglés Before You Know It
Review of Inglés Before You Know It by Transparent Language. This program is based around flash cards and is excellent for Spanish speakers wanting to learn key phrases in a number of standard English speaking situations.

Review of TeLL me More® Premium
Review of TeLL Me More Premium English learning software which includes more than 850 hours of learning for all levels, excellent speech recognition and pronunciation practice.

Top English Learning Software Products for Young Learners
Guide overview of English learning software product for children

Accent Technologies
Accent Lab software goes beyond voice recording and playback to analyze pronunciation using visual examples and comparison charts.

American Speech Sounds
A variety of standard American accent speech production products for at home and in the classroom use. The standard version includes 2000+ standard words and phrases, while the professional version includes more than 6000.

Athelstan Online
Athelstan online distributes ESL/EFL and foreign language software based principally on corpora and concordance principles as used by Cobuild.

Babylon Translation Software
In my opinion, Babylon offers the Best dictionary software available. The software offers "on-screen" translation of English words and expressions in Windows applications, giving words, phrases, acronyms, a list of available translations, plus idiomatic usage. Just click on any text you want to translate in Word, Excel, emails, instant messaging, web pages and other desktop applications

Discovery Educational Software
ESL / EFL software company specializing in multimedia software for young learners of foreign languages. Our aim is to put fun into learning languages, and we do this by using games, which entertain as well as instruct.

DynEd International
Educational software for ESL, EFL, ELT, business English, reading, and foreign language. This site also offers Japanese and Spanish beginners English programs

Easy Writer
Editing and writing program piloted for 2 years in New York, which allows ESL users to choose reading, grammar and correction strategies for over 60 essays written by other ESL students. Reasonable price, well worth a look.

Educational Software Products
Software for institutions, libraries and individuals. specializing in Cambridge examination preparation software and authorable resources for teachers to customise for their own needs.

FAB - School Management Software
A relational database that maintains records on student bookings, courses they take, agencies that supply them and host families that accommodate them. The application is capable of raising invoices, maintaining class lists and provides statistical information on a range of items. This software looks interesting if you have a school to run, but is rather expensive.

Good English
Interesting software dedicated to correct preposition usage. Using context sensitive click though in documents Good English claims " It's THE LARGEST COMPILATION EVER of the most frequently-used English words and their rightful prepositions -- in context. "

Half Baked Software
Hot Potatoes is a freeware suite for windows and Macintosh and an absolute must have for anyone developing for the Net! The suite includes software to easily develop cloze, quiz, crossword and jumble sentence exercises. Created by the Half Baked Software team.

Kiddie Genius English
The Kids SyvumBook Series includes the English SyvumBook that specifically helps improve vocabulary, spelling and analytical skills through activities and exercises for the age group of 6-12,. To provide a systematic learning experience, four grades of Kids English SyvumBook are available.

Lighthouse Productions ESL Software
This phonetically based program teaches reading and listening comprehension, accent modification, vocabulary building and conversational skills.

myVocabBook provides a free, unique service designed for language learners by language learners which aims to revolutionize the way we record and revise vocabulary. The site includes a number of features that make vocabulary revision more effective than just keeping a regular list. It includes sorting by category/register means that your vocab can be effectively organized quickly, and a lite version designed for revision on-the-go via a cellphone.

LookWAYup provides a dictionary, thesaurus, spell check and search tool, all in one convient application available to you on any given web page. This application also provides a pronunciation feature for any given word. This is a great tool for English language learners and those who want to increase their vocabulary skills.

One World Distribution
Distributor of multi-lingual products including language programs

Read, Write and Type
Software designed to help children learn reading and writing while also learning to type. The program takes a multi-sensory approach and motor approach which stimulates learning and helps children / esl students who have different learning styles.

TeLL Me More - v. 5
Tell Me More is a general English learning software package by Auralog. This software provides a wide range of English learning activities with ample possibilities for choosing individual learning paths.

Tell me More Kids Ingles
A fun and immersive software package that helps Spanish speaking children learn English while exploring an extremely well-designed virtual environment.

TutorScreens Software
An interesting approach to learning English with software. This software is designed to function in the same method as the Internet. Great price!

Developed by writing teachers for writing teachers, this program focuses on teaching and learning by means of (often interactive) written discourse -- encouraging collaborative work, critical thinking skills, and communication.

Membean - Remember your words on exam day
Membean provides an engaging way to improve your vocabulary skills quickly through context. Its unique learning engine makes sure that you'll review new vocabulary often in order to prepare for the TOEFL or other important English examinations. Currently, the company offers SAT and GRE vocabulary help, but preparing for these exams will certainly prepare for you the TOEFL as well.

Review of Lingle Online
Lingle is an online tool that permits English teachers to create materials on the fly based on a wide range of authentic sources. This tool is affordable and an ideal tool for English for Specific Purposes courses.

Sayafter.me is a simple pronunciation site. The idea is to immediately repeat single sentences after a native speaker models the pronunciation. At the same time, you'll record your own pronunciation and immediately get feedback on well you've done - including individual words. The site functions best with Google Chrome.

Readlang allows you to translate words and phrases into your own language as you read. You can import articles from anywhere on the web with a Chrome extension. Readlang also keeps track of the words you have translated while reading and provides flashcards and the correct context to help you review and learn new vocabulary.

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