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Speaking and Conversation Skills for Advanced Level English

English pronunciation and speaking skills help for advanced level ESL EFL learners and classes including strategies for improving your accent.

Telephoning English
Five short English conversations which focus on telephoning in English to be used to practice telephoning English.

Business Jargon - Advanced Level Dialogue
Advanced level dialogue based on business jargon for ESL and English for special purposes classes.

First Name, Last Name or Title?
Discussion of the correct use of informal and formal forms when speaking about and to people including when to use last names, titles and first name only.

Sound Scripting - Word Stress and Intonation
Sound scripting provides English learners with the tools to understand word stress and intonation to deliver effective presentations.

Customer Service - Dealing with Complaints
Key vocabulary and phrases for customer service representatives dealing with customer complaints for English as a Second Language learners.

Dialogue: A Neighbor's Gardening Advice
Advanced level reading dialogue comprehension with follow up multiple choice quiz. This dialogue focuses on neighbors speaking about how they do their gardening.

Dialogue: At a Flea-Market
Advanced level reading dialogue comprehension with follow up multiple choice quiz. This dialogue focuses on a customer bargaining with a vendor at a flea-market.

Dialogue: Waiting for a Friend
Advanced level reading comprehension with follow up multiple choice quiz. This dialogue focuses on a couple waiting for a friend at a local restaurant.

English Pronunciation Practice
Good pronunciation depends on the ability to accent the correct words and successfully use intonation to make sure you are understood. This feature includes exercises to help you improve your pronunciation through the correct use of word stress.

Making Small Talk for English Learners
Many English students are more interested in making effective small talk than knowing correct grammar strucutres - and rightly so! Here are some tips to improve small talk skills.

Pronunciation: Word Stress - Changes in Meaning
When you are speaking English the words you stress can change the underlying meaning a sentence. Even simple sentences can have many levels of meaning based on the word you stress. This feature provides examples and an exercise to help you improve your pronunciation through correct word stress.

Which English Pronunciation is Best?
Does the way you speak English affect what people think about you? The answer is most definitely 'yes'. This article focuses on the role pronunciation and dialect plays in the way English is spoken.

Social Media Marketing
Advanced level business English dialogue for learners in English for specific purposes classes focusing on marketing vocabulary and phrases including a special focus on social media marketing

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