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Speaking English - Pronunciation and Conversation Skills

English pronunciation and speaking help including exercises, IPA help, lesson plans, conversation tips and strategies for ESL EFL classes and teachers.
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  4. Speaking - Advanced (13)
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  7. Small Talk (46)
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  9. Pronunciation Software (10)

How I Improved My English Pronunciation
English learners share their stories about how they improved their pronunciation skills.

Speaking Strategies for English Learners
These speaking strategies will help English learners improve their conversational skills.

How to Improve Your Pronunciation
This "how to" focuses on improving your pronunciation through the recognition of the "time-stressed" character of English.

Making Small Talk for English Learners
Many English students are more interested in making effective small talk than knowing correct grammar strucutres - and rightly so! Here are some tips to improve small talk skills.

Impromptu Speeches
We are often called upon to state our opinions in longer formats at such events as job interviews, short speeches at celebrations, parties for small talk, and so on. Learning how to give effective impromptu speeches can help boost your confidence.

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