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Beginning Level Curriculum for ESL Classes


This curriculum s is designed for 'false' beginners. False beginners are typically learners who have had a few years training at some point in time and are now returning to start learning English again for a variety of reasons; work, travel, hobbies, etc. Most of these learners are familiar with English and as such can move pretty quickly to more advanced language learning concepts.

This curriculum is designed for a course of approximately 60 hours of instruction and takes students from the verb 'To be' through present, past and future forms, as well as other basic structures such as the comparative and superlative forms, the use of 'some' and 'any', 'have got', etc. This course is geared towards adult learners who need English for work and, as such, concentrates on vocabulary and forms that are useful for the working world. Each group of eight lessons is followed by a planned review lesson which allows students a chance to review what they have learned. This syllabus can be adapted to fit students' needs and is presented as a basis on which to build a elementary level ESL EFL English course.

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