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Grammar Lesson Plans Focusing on Tenses

These free ESL grammar lesson plans focus on learning tenses through a variety of methods. Each grammar lesson includes objectives, copyable materials for classroom use and a short lesson overview.

Lesson Plans Focusing on Tenses and Verb Conjugation
These lesson plans help students learn to use English tenses and conjugate with confidence. Many of the lessons focus on using related verb tenses during conversation, rather than focusing simply on correct verb conjugation. Each lesson includes lesson objectives, step by step instructions and copyable handout materials for in-class use.

Question Forms
Students who are often very familiar with standard object questions can have problems with subject questions, indirect questions, and question tags. This exercise uses a quiz to help students identify and improve their understanding of the differences i0 structure among the various question forms.

Lesson Plan - Future with Going to and Will
Lesson plan and exercises for ESL classes focusing on the future with will and going to.

Conditional Statements
Making conditional statements are an important part of fluency. This lesson focuses on helping students improve their recognition of the structure and use it in conversation.

Question Tags
Intermediate level lesson focusing on the use of question tags. Question tags not only help students confirm information, but they also help them hone their auxiliary verb recognition and usage skills.

Subject and Object Questions
Intermediate level lesson focusing on the differences between the standard object question and the sometimes confusing subject question.

Lesson: Time Expressions
Intermediate to upper intermediate lesson focusing on identification and written production of sentences based on the correct usage of time expressions.

Lesson: Tense Review
Intermediate level lesson aimed at inductively reviewing names and structures of basic tenses.

Lesson: Time Expressions and Simple Past or Present Perfect
Intermediate lesson focusing on the identification of a variety of time signifiers - expressions which could work in given Simple Past or Present Perfect setences.

Using Modal Verbs to Problem Solve - Discussing a Difficult Situation
Conversation Lesson Plan focusing on the use of modal verbs of probability and advice to discuss a difficult situation.

Grammar Lesson Plan - Integrating Past Continuous
Lesson aimed at helping ESL students integrate the past continuous into their writing and speaking.

A VIP - Present Perfect Simple and Continuous
Intermediate level ESL lesson plan focusing on the use of present perfect and present perfect continuous

Reviewing the Twelve Tenses as a Class
Here is a lesson which provides a global review of all twelve tenses with a wide range of activities for upper intermediate to advanced level learners.

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