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Phrasal Verb Fill the Gap Quiz - 1


Use the correct phrasal verb you have learned to complete the phrase. Once you have decided on a phrasal verb, check your answers on page four.

  • find out
  • get on with
  • hold on
  • get away
  • take after
  • cut down
  • look after
  • come up with
  • add up
  • put through
  • look for
  • get over
  • turn up
  • put off
  • Have you _____ if you won the competition yet?
  • I need to _____ from work and take a holiday.
  • She still hasn't _____ the death of her cat.
  • My daughter is a great cook, she really _____ her mother.
  • Could you _____ a moment while I see if Peter is in his office?
  • Extension 286? I'll _____.
  • She promised to _____ her cigarette smoking to five a day.
  • He spent the entire night thinking and in the end _____ a brilliant idea.
  • I'm afraid your story is not believable. It just doesn't _____.
  • My sister _____ my cats while I was away on vacation.
  • We're not ready yet, we are going to have to _____ the meeting until next week.
  • I'm _____ Tom's address. Do you know it?
  • Mary _____ thirty minutes late for the party.
  • I'm tired of waiting for Jack. Can we _____ our work?
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