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Phrasal Verb Vocabulary

Increasing and Decreasing with "Up" and "Down"


Here is a list of some of the most common phrasal verbs concerning increasing and decreasing using the prepositions UP and DOWN. Each phrasal verb includes an explanation and example sentence.

Phrasal Verbs - Increasing and Decreasing with "Up" and "Down"

Category Preposition Phrasal Verb Explanation Notes Example Sentence
Increasing up to put up to increase prices They put up the price on that model by five dollars.
Increasing up to bring up to raise children They brought their children up in the countryside.
Increasing up to blow up to make something more important than it really is They blew that issue up until it became noticed by the media.
Increasing up to go up used for increases in prices, profits and production Production went up at the plant by 15 percent.
Increasing up to grow up children getting older My daughter has grown up so quickly!
Increasing up to speed up used for machines increasing velocity The car sped up and passed the slow driver.
Increasing up to hurry up to increase the speed of doing something when someone feels late We're going to have to hurry up if we want to finish this project on time.
Increasing up to heat up with temperatures It's really heated up these past few days.
Increasing up to cheer up to become happier He cheered up at the news of a raise.
Increasing up to liven up to make more exciting The party livened up when he arrived.
Increasing up to turn up used with volume Can you turn the sound up?
Increasing up to speak up to increase speaking volume You'll have to speak up if you want him to pay attention to you.
Increasing up to build up improve health He built his strength up over a number of months.
Increasing up to pick up used when a general situation improves The local economy has really picked up since the new factory was built.
Decreasing down to go down for prices, profits and production The quarterly profits went down from the second to the third quarter.
Decreasing down to come down for prices, profits and production Computer prices have really come down recently.
Decreasing down to slow down used for machines and people He slowed down as he approached the city limits.
Decreasing down to calm down used when calming other people She did her best to calm her child down.
Decreasing down to turn down used with volume Turn down that horrible music!
Decreasing down to keep down decrease volume Please keep the noise down in this room!
Decreasing down to quieten down decrease volume He asked the students to quieten down.
Decreasing down to cool down with temperatures It's really cooled down these past few days.

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