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Idioms and Expressions - Come


The following idioms and expressions use the verb 'come'. Each idiom or expression has a definition and two example sentences to help understanding of these common idiomatic expressions with 'come'. Once you have studied these expressions, test your knowledge with quiz testing idioms and expressions with come.

Come apart at the seams

Definition: completely lose emotional control

There's no need to come apart at the seams. Things will get better.
On hearing of the death of his friend, Peter came apart at the seams.

Come away empty-handed

Definition: return from a meeting, situation or other event without any gain

We came away empty-handed from the negotiations.
The competition was so intense that our company came away empty-handed.

Come by something

Definition: travel by means of some vehicle

We came by train.
Did you come by plane or by car?

Come down in the world

Definition: lose financial or social prestige and position

I'm afraid Tom has come down in the world. Life's been pretty hard for him lately.
I think you're taking too much risk. You might come down in the world.

Come full circle

Definition: return to an original state

At first life was very difficult for Jane. However, things eventually came full circle and she returned to power.
Looks like things have come full circle! How does it feel?

Come in out of the rain

Definition: start paying attention to a situation

If he doesn't come in out of the rain, things will get out of control.
Alex, come in out of the rain! Open your eyes to what is happening!

Come into one's own

Definition: begin having success and satisfaction in life

Since he was appointed to vice-president, he's really come into his own.
Keep working hard. One day you'll come into your own.

Come of age

Definition: reach maturity required to do something such as marry, drink, vote, etc.

You can have a beer once you come of age.
When this generation comes of age, they'll be more ecologically alert.

Come out ahead

Definition: to be in a position of profit, or advantage after an event

It was difficult, but in the end we came out ahead.
Yes, higher education is expensive. However, in the end, you'll come out ahead.

Come to a bad end

Definition: end in disaster

I'm afraid Jack has come to a bad end.
If you don't change your behavior, you'll come to a bad end.

Come to a dead end

Definition: arrive at an impasse in a situation, not be able to move forward

We'll have to rethink everything. We've come to absolute dead end.
They changed strategies once they came to a dead end.

Come to a head

Definition: reach a point of crisis when action is called for

Things are coming to a head, we have to make a decision.
I think everything will come to a head next month.

Come to an untimely end

Definition: die before ones time

His crazy driving brought him to an untimely end.
She came to an untimely end last year.

Come to a standstill

Definition: not able to make any progress forward

Can you help me? I've come to a standstill on this project.
We came to a standstill and had to rethink everything.

Come to grips with something

Definition: deal with something difficult

I'll have to come to grips with this problem if I want to succeed.
I think you first need to come to grips with his complaints before you move forward.

Come to light

Definition: become known

A number of facts have come to light which change everything.
A new solution has come to light.

Come to one's senses

Definition: begin thinking clearly about a situation

Alan, come to your senses! It's not going to happen.
She finally came to her senses and left her husband.

Come to pass

Definition: to occur

Everything I had predicted came to pass.
The prophecy has come to pass.

Come true

Definition: Become real

Hard work and patience can help make your dreams come true.
Did his plans come true?

Once you have studied these expressions, test your knowledge with quiz testing idioms and expressions with come.

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