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ESL Writing Workshop 4


The first lesson in this series helped students come to terms with standard essay structure and begin to think towards writing an essay by developing an outline. Lessons two and three helped students deepen their understanding of the characters and themes in the book or story. This final lesson helps students put their observations into written form by asking them to fill out a questionnaire. Students can then take these replies and incorporate them into their final essay.

Aim: Putting observations into written form for future use in an essay

Activity: Filling out a questionnaire

Level: Young Learners - upper intermediate


  • Ask students to gather their essay outline, notes on character analysis and theme analysis for this final preparation exercise.
  • Using the materials created in earlier exercises, each student should fill out the questionnaire below (make sure to fill in the name of the story or book on the sheet) evaluating what they have read. Encourage students to look carefully through their notes, etc. when answering the questions.
  • Encourage students to answer questions numbers 4 through 7 repeatedly if they have more ideas than there is space for.
  • Circulate around the classroom helping students as needed.
Questionnaire: Evaluation and Preparation for an Essay

Fill out the following questionnaire based on what you have learned about ________________. Feel free to use any of the material you have developed in earlier lessons.

  1. I think that ____________________ (name of book or story) shows us that _______________________________________________________________________________. (main idea of your essay)
  2. I _________________ (liked / didn't like) _____________________ this book because ___________________________________________________________________________________________________.
  3. Overall, I feel that _______________________ (name of book or story) is worth / not worth reading because ______________________________________________________.
  4. ___________________ (name of character) represents _______________________ (choose theme) because ______________________________________________________________________.
  5. ___________________ (name of character) represents _______________________ (choose theme) because ______________________________________________________________________.
  6. _____________________ (name of theme) is important to this story because ___________________ ____________________________________________________________________________.
  7. _____________________ (name of theme) is also important to this story because ___________________ ____________________________________________________________________________.
  8. The most important event in _______________________ (name of book or story) happens when _______________________________________________ (explain the event).
  9. I found it interesting that ____________________________________________________________________________ (state what you found interesting).
  10. The part of _______________________ (name of book or story) I liked best was ________________________________________________ (write what you liked best about the book) because _____________________________ (write why).
  11. The part of _______________________ (name of book or story) I liked least was ________________________________________________ (write what you liked best about the book) because _____________________________ (write why).
  12. I would / would not recommend _______________________ (name of book or story) to my friends because _____________________________ (write why).

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