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Intonation Practice - Rise and Fall

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By phoebe316

Pronunciation Skills Objective

To know how to make our voice rise and fall correctly when speaking English

Type of Materials or Book Used

Pronunciation teaching

Type of Lesson Activities


1. Ss work in groups of four. Every student writes 5 sentences to show surprise, then read them to the others with the correct intonation.

2. Invite several Ss to come to the front to read them.

Lesson Plan Format


1. Say: We’ve learnt a lot about students in different countries. Now we’re going to listen to a conversation about another student, Laura. Please close your books and listen to the recording. Pay more attention to the intonation.

2. Play the recording of Part A on page 34, ask the students to listen and pay attention to the intonation of each sentence. Ask:

Did the voice rise or fall at the end of the sentence? Lead them to find out when we should make our voice fall and when we should make our voice rise.

3. Try to explain the reasons. Make sure Ss can understand it.

Step 2: Practice.

1. Play the recording of Part A again. Ss listen and repeat, ask them to imitate the intonation.

2. Ss practise reading the dialogue in pairs. Make sure they can use the correct intonation.

3. Check some pairs and help them to correct the intonation as necessary.

Step 3: Practice

1. Play the recording of part B on Page 34. Ask Ss to listen carefully and put a rising arrow at the end of the sentence if the speaker is surprised or put a falling arrow if the speaker isn’t surprised. Then check the answers together.

2. Ss read the sentences after the recording, try to imitate the intonation.

3. Ss read the sentences and correct in pairs. The teacher walks around and helps them as necessary.


  • Ability aims:
  • The students:
  • (1)Can make voice fall at the end of an affirmative sentence.
  • (2)Can make voice rise at the end of sentence to show surprise.
  • 3. Emotion aims:
  • To encourage the students to speak in English and make their voice rise and fall correctly.
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