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Listening to Educators and Experts

Share Your Story: How I Improved My English Pronunciation

By Andrew Samuel

My most important tip for good pronunciation is:

Listening to those I take them to be educationist and english expert

How I Did It:

Any time I am in contact with them . I do pays a great attention to their pronauciation and even their general way of speaken. And sometime i do creat an avenue in order to have them comunicate with me even thus i might have nothing seriuous to discuss withem them but just to make sure i have one or two words with them so that i can compare the way i comunicate with them and how they respond to me if they regard me as some one who is up to discusion with or them had no intreast at all talking with me during the cause of that conversation.

Tips and Tricks

  • The easey way to know if some one is talking a good english is by listening to his or her way of pronauciation and the words he or she uses in any conversation.
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